Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Let's start "MyThink Quote".

Hi Everyone, I am Shekhar. I am please to present you my brand new blog "MyThinkQuotes.blogspot.com".

What's there in this blog?

This blog will contain Quotes. The Quotes which comes after lots of thinking, experiencing and imagination. The Quote will be of one liners but it will contain a deep meaning of life. I will write few paragraphs also which will be on some real time situation/problems or their solution.
All the Quotes, paragraphs and articles written in this blog is completely my view on the particular situation. Everything here will be written directly from heart and mind.

What can you expect from this blog?

Quotes, articles and paragraphs on real life as well ideal life.

How can you use this blog contents?

Well, that's totally upon you. You can read - smile - fly with you imagination - become sad - become angry and get all the feeling whatever you have. I want to request only one thing to my readers - "Read it Twice". (Coz everything have double meaning). It will not be as simple as what you read.
You can share it with your friends and family. You can even use these Quotes for your status on whatsapp, facebook, twitter and all the social media. If you want to add it in you site, you can use it with proper credit.


All the Quotes. article, paragraphs in this blog sis my own thinking and experience. Any resemblance with anyone would be just a coincidence. I don't want to hurt any  person, group or religion. Everything  here is just my opinion.

About me :

I am not a professional blogger but I love to do blogging. This is my 5th Blog. This is very special blog for me. Usually I write about technical, software, computer related tricks and tips but this blog is totally different from my other blogs as this deals with Hearts. Hope you'll like this. God bless this Galaxy.

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